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Design process of a multi-purpose vacuum flask

This is a joint project between Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, and Industrial Engineering & Management students. The design brief was issued by a company, however for legal reasons the company shall not be named.

The design brief was to improve and innovate on the existing portfolio of the company, with complete freedom within its field of expertise. We decided to focus on keeping food and drinks hot or cold.

Preliminary brainstorming

After preliminary brainstorming, we decided to create something to keep food or drinks hot or cold.

Market research

In-depth market study

Market research was done by comparing existing products and evaluating reviews on Amazon.



The concepts we came up with were:
1. Flask with added compartment for tea-leaves or coffee powder.
2. Shake bottle to prepare protein shake on the fly.
3. Box with shared lid, which reduces carry size

With further concept development, we settled on the first concept. Quickly it got the name Mix&Go.

The Mix&GO features three compartments, which can be screwed together into one unit. These compartments are all insulated separately, and can be used to carry various foodstuffs. The main target group was commuters.

Vacuum mock-up

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