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Student Industrial Design and freelance graphic designer.


Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio

Smart speaker

Design of a smart speaker

Design process and physical model of a smart assistant speaker. Done for the course Design and Styling, focussing on detailing and aesthetics.

Design report

Design report

A carefully crafted brochure style report. High-resolution images and bold style choices make for a beautifully printed report.


Realisation and design of a dispenser

Animal-feed dispenser for use in a zoo, from conception to working life-size prototype made of stainless steel, wood and a 3D printed mechanism.



Striking sticker design for various print applications for a student group in Enschede.

Resting place

Resting place along bike highway

Design, rationale, renders and posters for a resting spot along the F35 bike highway in Twente.

Jong Defensie

Jong Defensie logo

A pro bono, revitalized logo design realized using Adobe Illustrator. Sadly not taken into use.

David de Groot

I am David de Groot

I love being creative, working with people and guiding a project towards completion.

As a second year Industrial Design student at the University of Twente, the environment I'm working in is constantly adapting; projects are tackled not only in huge interdisciplinary teams, but also individually. Furthermore, strong deadlines and deliverables help me to adapt to stressful situations. This also reflects itself in my current occupation as a freelance graphic designer, where communication with the client, respecting deadlines and good resuls are key for a successful career.

All of this has helped me to become a focussed and disciplined individual, with a strong connection to the client and a good eye for human-centred design and design thinking.

I love reading about science and design, but in my spare time I also enjoy listening to music and doing photography.

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