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Realisation and design of a dispenser

Part of the Honours Star program for the BSc of Industrial Design at the University of Twente, this project spanned 20 weeks. During the first ten weeks, the user, style and design had to be thought of, along with all preliminary marketing research and ideation. In the remaining weeks, this concept is worked out to a working life-size prototype and optimised for mass production. The realisation part was a group project with other students, however the ideation part was individual.

The final concept was a dispenser to be used in a zoo, to feed meerkats. The mechanism is built to dispense a portion-size of cat feed (a large nutritional source of meerkats in a zoo environment) using the principle of an Archimedes' screw to drive the feed to the opening.

A CAD assembly was made in SolidWorks, with renders done using Keyshot. Final post-processing and editing work was done with Adobe Photoshop. The prototype was made of stainless steel plates, with a welded stainless-steel frame and wooden accents.

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