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Resting place along bike highway

This was an individual project for the University of Twente, focussing on human interaction. The location and target group were free to choose. After much debate I settled on the goal to create a resting place along the F35 bike highway, near the nature reserve Kristalbad in Enschede. This would allow for a unique target group and location.

My design vision for this was the following:

Design a resting spot along the F35 bike highway, specifically for the Kristalbad, that not only improves the quality of the Kristalbad by catering more to the visitors’ needs than current facilities, but also educates visitors about the practical function of the Kristalbad, all while not disturbing the natural environment of the area.

In line with the design vision stated above, I designed a resting spot to be placed at the Kristalbad, along the bike highway. By providing the different basic amenities that the location is currently lacking, I aimed to create a place where families, travellers and other recreationists could gather.

First and foremost, in order to improve the quality of amenities at the location itself, I designed a resting spot that offers a sunblocking canopy with benches and a bin, bike stands and a water pump. The bike stands provide a place to securely park your bike and the placement of benches under the canopy solves the seating issue. Finally, the water pump is incorporated into a wall, which is made up of the several layers of soil that purify the water in the Kristalbad. This, along with a traditional information panel, provides an engaging visual experience, where visitors can see the different types of ground necessary for water purification. While operating the traditional mechanical pump, visitors are under the impression they are drinking recently purified water.

Models were made in SolidWorks, converted to FBX files using AutoCad and finally rendered in Lumion 8.0. Posters were created using Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Shelter render
Concept poster
Research poster

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