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Conceptualisation and design of a empowering product

Another joint project together with Industrial Design Engineering students. The design brief was issued by a large Dutch care institution, which shall remain unnamed for privacy-reasons. The product should "empower" people with severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

First of all, a large literature review (30 pages) was done, to gather information about the target group. Then the product was designed, and interaction was evaluated. To evaluate the product effectiveness, a research paper on measuring effectiveness based on proxy assessment was written, and its methods applied.

The final product is a disk which allows wheelchair-bound users to turn around and look freely. This is a degree of freedom never before experienced by these persons, and as such empowers them immensely.

Below is shown an overview of the product, and the prototype in use during user-testing. Testing results show an increase of user happiness when the product is in use.

Product overview
User -testing

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